the collection of collections

bottle cap sculptures
found objects, bottle caps, concrete & documentation
– in boxed sets by date & location

chopstick papers
collection starts in 2006 and is ongoing
– in boxes, sorted by date & location

• water journals
books immersed in various waterways
– by date & location

sweeper tines
collection starts in 2008 and is ongoing
– undated when local, by date & location when farther afield

walk boxes
objects collected while walking
– in boxes, sorted by date & location

not robert rauschenberg’s erasers
not those
• soils, sands and stones (by date & location)
• bones (various – most dated, some not)
• wishbones
shed snakeskins collected near the museum
– by date & location (even though location is mostly outside the door)

• paint books/journals (found, altered, collaged, painted)
• travel journals
• 3D postcards, old & new
• globes (various sizes & languages)
• lists of skipped stones (by location & date)
• mosses, seeds and cones (most by location & date)
• ricers
• braces (hand drills)
• map boxes
• recordings
• tin tubes (empty)
• tin/steel boxes & cans
• church keys
• toy postal vans from various countries
• how to cut out a nori bunny kit
• sardine gyotaku